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Cusco Touristic Ticket

Also known as B.T.C. This ticket allows entry to 16 attractions found in the city of Cusco, and nearby valleys adjacent places as the South Valley and the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

This ticket is administered by the Committee on Cultural Tourism-Integrated Services COSITUC Cusco. This is a ommittee which consists of the Provincial Municipality of Cusco, Cusco Department of Culture and the the Regional Directorate of Foreign Trade and Tourism. COSITUC, is the body responsible for the collection, administration and distribution of the proceeds from the sale of the Cusco Tourist Ticket.


Cusco Tourist Ticket Integral - BTCL S/. 130.00
Cusco Tourist Ticket Integral for students - BEE S/. 70.00
For each of the circuits S/. 70.00


Promotional Rate:

General Promotion Validity S/. 70.00
Promotional rates Students S/. 40.00
For each of the circuits S/. 40.00


Delegations Of Students In Pre-Established Periods:

CNational Colleges extremely poor S/. 15.00
Chaperones and teachers S/. 70.00


* The Tourist Ticket is valid for 10 calendar days and visits to 16 places offered are optional.

Imperial city of Cusco in Perú

Integrals Tourist Ticket:

This is classified as follows:

Integral Cusco Tourist Ticket - BTCL

This ticket allows admission at 16 sights of the city of Cusco, Sacsayhuaman Archaeological Park, South Valley of Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Below is a list of sites that includes:


Integral Cusco Tourist Ticket for foreign students - BEE

The BEE is for foreign students who can prove their status with student card or letter, as well as international card (International Student Identicard), is valid according to the student's home country, presenting school card, notepad, card current college or passport stating their condition and to provide evidence of age 25 or less.

The Cusco Tourist Ticket Comprehensive domestic tourists - BIN

It is a promotional ticket type for domestic tourists. This ticket holders must prove their status with their national identity.

Integral Cusco Tourist Ticket for domestic students - BEN

It is a kind of national student promotional ticket, this ticket holders must prove their status with student card or birth certificate as applicable.

Partial Tour Tickets

You can buy the ticket in Cusco Tourist partially. That is, for circuits that offer tourist sites by area.

Circuit I: This ticket allows admission to archaeological sites found in the Sacsayhuaman archaeological park, which are:

- Sacsayhuaman
- Qènqo
- Tambomachay
- PukaPukara

Circuit II: This ticket allows entry to the attractions of interest located in the historic center of the city of Cusco, which are:

- Regional Historical Museum
- Museum of Contemporary Art
- Folk Art Museum
- Koricancha Site Museum
- Native Art Center Qosqo
- Monument to the Inca Pachacutec

Circuit III: This ticket allows admission to archaeological sites located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. These are:

- Pisac
- Ollantaytambo
- Chinchero
- Moray

* Tickets are only partial for a day and does not apply students or minors.

The beautyfull main square of CUsco in Perú


Address: Av El Sol 103, Tourist Galleries, Of. 101

Fax: +51 261 465 +84 / Phone: +51 227 037 +84 / Web: www.cosituc.gob.pe

Hours: Monday to Saturday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm, Sundays and holidays 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

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