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Tambomachay - Inca´s Baths

Tanpumachay or Tambomachay, archaeological center that would have fulfilled an important religious function linked to water and the regeneration of the earth.

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The place has an approximate extension of half a hectare and the material used for its construction was limestone with polygonal style rigging. The tradition knows this monument as "El Baño de la Ñusta" due to the existence of two aqueducts that carry crystal clear water all year round.


Tambomachay is located 5 kilometers from the city of Cusco and 0.6 kilometers from Pucapucara. To get to Tambomachay you can take a City Tour from any travel agency (almost all of them offer this type of service). You can also get there by taking the transportation Cusco - Pisac or Cusco - Calca.


This complex is located between some hills that are covered with a type of grass (in Quechua "ichu") and in certain seasons appear the "llaullit'ica" and "Cantu", beautiful flowers of various colors. Tambomachay has three successive corridors or terraces from bottom to top and it could be said that they are equivalent to three floors. The constructions are of irregular polyhedrons well assembled, the walls have the inclination inward, presenting large and wide niches or niches. In front of the main building, on the eastern side of the complex, there is a tower with a circular floor plan, incomplete in its upper part.


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