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Señor de los Temblores

One of the most important and colorful religious celebrations in Peru, where thousands of faithful congregate to pay homage to the Moreno Christ.

Portada / Festivities & Events / March - April / Señor de los Temblores

This celebration is of special interest because it allows a clear appreciation of the fusion of Andean and Christian religions. The Cusco Cathedral itself, where the image rests, is built on the base of the ancient temple dedicated to the god "Apu Ila Tikse Wiracocha". The image of the Lord of the Tremors is carried in procession through different streets of the city as it was done with the ancient mummies of the Inkan chiefs, priests and rulers.

Finally, the central element of the celebration is the ñucchu flower (salvia esplendes), which was used as an offering to Wiracocha and with which the crown of the Lord of the Tremors is currently made.


It was in 1650 when, according to the devotees, a canvas of the Christ of Good Luck, donated by Charles V, stopped a strong earthquake that shook the city of Cusco, the villagers worship the image of Taitacha Temblores.

In spite of the years no brush has dared to retouch it. The time and especially the smoke of the candles and candles have blackened it turning it into a strange dark Christ of somber aspect.



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