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Archaeological Centers South Valley

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To the south of the city of Cusco, coming from the altiplano, there are archaeological centers of different characteristics. One of them predates the Incas, another with a different and particular construction style and the third one impresses with its hydraulic distribution system, are a must on your tour to understand the grandeur of the Inca empire.

Piquillacta Archaeological Park

DESCRIPTION It was one of the most important administrative centers of the Huari (or Wari) culture, between the VI and IX centuries of our era,…

Raqchi Archaeological Park 

DESCRIPTION According to the latest research, the aforementioned archaeological park has an area of approximately one thousand hectares, because outside the gigantic Inca wall that…

Tipón Archaeological Park

DESCRIPTION It was an important place and a major shrine, where water was worshipped with the care and veneration with which the Incas treated this…
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