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Tipón-Temple of water

Agricultural terraces of Tipón
Agricultural terraces of Tipón

Tipón houses an archaeological center known as the "Temple of Water," famous for its interesting hydraulic systems, which include agricultural terraces and water channels. Besides these attractions, Tipón offers delicious local cuisine and a small zoo that hosts a variety of rescued animals.

History of Tipón

According to historical references, the area where the Tipón archaeological complex is located was previously occupied by the Incas. Wiracocha, after conquering the place, built the well-known archaeological center. Despite the passage of time, this site remains in good condition, especially its water channels which are still functioning.


The district of Tipón is located about 24 km southeast of the city of Cusco. The archaeological site is approximately an additional 3 km away, in the district of Oropesa, specifically in the community of Choquepata. It is situated at an altitude of 3,560 meters.

Attractions of Tipón

Tipón offers a variety of attractions you can visit, among the most notable are:

Archaeological Center of Tipón

This archaeological park, known as the "Temple of Water," is an important major sanctuary where the Incas worshipped water with the care and respect they gave to this sacred element.

Due to the methodology used to transport water, it is considered a model of Inca hydraulic engineering.

Besides the Temple of Water, there are other main sectors within the park to visit.

Royal Enclosures and Gardens

One of the most significant constructions in the circuit, this is the house that Wiracocha ordered to be built for his father Yahuar Huaca, featuring rooms and gardens built with large stone blocks.

This complex has fountains and channels that continue to flow with water to this day, emerging from underground channels.


These are rooms adorned with exquisite trapezoidal niches, built on a mountainous elevation from which almost all of Tipón can be observed.

Lesser Enclosures

The lesser enclosures are located 1 km from Intiwatana. These rooms show lower quality compared to the royal enclosures, being initially built with stone and finished with adobe, indicating they were likely inhabited by people of lower rank.

The Wall

The wall was possibly built for protection due to constant attacks from neighboring tribes. This structure helped maintain the security of the archaeological complex and protected the sacred areas.

Cusco Viewpoint

Also known as "Cruz Moqo," meaning "summit where there is a cross," or "Qosqo Qhawarina," meaning "Cusco viewpoint," it is named so because from this point, the city of Cusco can be seen.

It was a densely populated area during the Inca period, home to personalities with significant political and economic power.

Gastronomy in Tipón

When visiting Tipón, you will also find various country restaurants where you can enjoy delicious local cuisine, offering a variety of dishes such as baked guinea pig, stuffed pepper, and pork crackling, among other gastronomic specialties.


This zoo is a refuge located in the same community as the archaeological park, so you can find it on your way to the archaeological site.

It hosts a variety of Andean animals such as pumas, hawks, condors, snakes, alpacas, vicuñas, and deer, as well as jungle animals such as spectacled bears, macaws, parrots, turtles, and others.

General Information about Tipón

How to Get to Tipón

To get to Tipón, you can go on your own by taking a taxi or a public colectivo called "Los Leones" from the city of Cusco, which will take you to the Tipón stop. From there, you can find other transportation to the archaeological center.

You can also opt to book our tour to the south valley of Cusco for a more organized and enriching experience.

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday: 07:00 to 18:00.


Entry to the Tipón archaeological site is included in the Tourist Ticket.

  • Tourist Ticket Cusco for Foreign Tourists: S/. 70.00 (approx. USD 19) allows entry to 8 tourist sites, valid for 2 days.
  • Tourist Ticket Cusco for National Tourists: S/. 70.00 (approx. USD 19) allows entry to 8 tourist sites, valid for 2 days.


Tipón has a temperate cold climate. To make the most of your visit to this place, it is recommended to go during the months from April to October, which correspond to the dry season, allowing you to enjoy its wonderful attractions.