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Natural Attractions Ica

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Nestled in the middle of a desert, Ica has the inherent beauty of it. It has the highest dunes of Peru and perhaps America. Similarly, with characteristics quite similar to that of sub-Saharan desert, Ica has a beautiful lagoon with friezes oasis. TheHuacachina, evocativenamefor those who like this kind of scenery, is surrounded by palm trees and houses of the nineteenth century.

Dunes Around Ica

DESCRIPTION These dunes have existed since ancient times, as these dunes are one of the most visited attractions by tourists seeking adventure in Ica, its…

Huacachina Lake

DESCRIPTION The Huacachina Lagoon has emerald green waters. Some studies have found that it arose due to the upwelling of subway currents and around it…

Paracas National Reserve

As Ilhas Ballestas DESCRIPTION The Paracas National Reserve, one of the main natural destinations in the country, covers 335,000 hectares between coastal desert and adjacent…
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