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Main Square of Ica

Charming public space surrounded by colonial architecture and leafy trees, in addition to its impressive obelisk.


Founded in 1563 by Don Luis Jeronimo de Cabrera. In 1534, Nicolás de Rivera, one of the thirteen of the rooster and man of confidence of Francisco Pizarro, was looking for a suitable place, in Ica's lands, for the capital city of the conquest. He chose the area of Pisco, where he founded the Villa of Sangallán, Pizarro rejected Rivera's decision and preferred the valley of the Rímac.

On June 17, 1563, the Spanish captain Luis Jeronimo de Cabrera founded the Villa de Valverde de Ica. Then, due to several earthquakes and by order of the viceroy Conde de Nieva, the city was moved to the place it occupies today.

The main square of Ica is characterized for being surrounded by gigantic woody trees belonging to the "ficus" genus, which gives it an ancient aspect. During the arrival of the Spaniards.


It is located exactly in the center of the city in front of the Provincial Municipality of Ica.


Obelisk of two needles, gazebo of lines that evokes the small squares of long ago and leafy ficus, give it an enviable architectural picture. In its perimeter is the Municipality of Ica with its beautiful portals and the Cathedral of Ica.


The main square is open to the public 24 hours a day and is free of traffic, except for important ceremonies.

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