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Portada / Things to Do
When you travel to Peru, a whole range of tourist possibilities opens up for you. In Peru you will find history, culture, adventure, rich landscapes, exquisite gastronomy and unique handicrafts, these are just some of the possibilities that our land offers you. Here are some suggestions or we could say the main ones:


1.- Visit Machu Picchu. You can not miss Machu Picchu, one of the wonders of the world, a magical place where you will recharge your energy will be unforgettable.
2.- Climb the Huayna Picchu mountain. You will be able to caress the clouds and you will have the best view, climbing the mountain will take you almost two hours, a beautiful experience.
3.- Enjoy Cusco. The ancient capital of the Incas has a lot to offer you, palaces, traditional neighborhoods, history, culture, its nights and many activities for you. Cusco will surprise you!
4.- Adventure on the Inca Trail. One of the most impressive trails in South America through the Andes and the jungle ending in the wonderful Machu Picchu. A fantastic trip, for which you should be prepared for 04 days of trekking. It is important to book in advance.
5.- Sailing on Lake Titicaca. Considered the highest navigable lake in the world, in addition to navigating it you can visit its floating islands where you will share with the locals and learn about their ancient traditions on the islands of Taquile and Amantani.
6.- Observe the flight of the Condor in the Colca Canyon. The impressive and deep Colca Canyon surrounded by small and traditional villages is home to the majestic Condor of the Andes which you can observe very close at the Mirador de la Cruz del Condor.
7.- Fly over the Nazca lines. The Nazca lines are an enigma that can only be appreciated from the air, after flying over them you will be able to elaborate your own theory about who built these geo glyphs, why and what for.
8.- Admire the biodiversity of the Peruvian Amazon. Magic, abundant flora and fauna, nature at its best in Manu National Park and Tambopata National Reserve.
9.- Enjoy the waves on the beaches of Mancora. Sun, beautiful beaches and nightlife in pubs and discos.
10 .- Do not miss the delights of Peruvian food. Recognized worldwide our cuisine is waiting for you: Ceviche, Lomo Saltado, Pachamanca, Aji de Gallina, Rocoto Relleno, Chuoe de Camarones and many delicacies that you must try.