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Cultural & Traditional in Peru

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Wonderful constructive styles in each of its impressive archaeological remains, ranging from the Mochica culture to the Inca culture, through Chimu and Chachapoyas, not forgetting that of Caral (built 10 thousand years ago). All of them make this country the tourist delight of South America.

Peru, being one of the first colonies of America and the largest Spanish viceroyalty of the American continent, has 

largest Spanish viceroyalty of the American continent, has buildings with styles from Europe, truly admirable. These are impregnated with Andean imagery, whose constructive union finds its greatest apogee in the constructions of the baroque style built in the seventeenth century.

Cusco, the main destination of those who travel to Peru, has archaeological sites of dazzling

archaeological sites of dazzling beauty such as Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo, Sacsayhuaman, Pisac, Choquequirao and Raqchi. Likewise, the colonial architecture of this city is based on the stone foundations of ancient Inca palaces, and beautiful Inca walls were used to build their houses.