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Señor de los Milagros

Religious festivity, where thousands of devotees congregate to pay homage to the image of the Christ of Pachacamilla.

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Also called, Purple Christ or Christ of Pachacamilla, is an image of Christ on the cross, painted on an adobe wall located in the High Altar of the Sanctuary of Las Nazarenas in the city of Lima and venerated by Peruvians and foreigners in Peru and around the world, for whom it is considered miraculous. Its procession is a purely Peruvian tradition, considered the most numerous periodic Catholic religious manifestation in the world.
Currently the procession of the Lord of Miracles, runs through the streets of Lima every year in October since 1687, bringing blessings of unity, hope, Catholic fervor and tradition to all devotees of the Christ of Pachacamilla.


According to studies conducted by some historians, the Lord of Miracles also known as Christ of Pachacamilla, is so named because it is painted in the neighborhood of Pachacamilla, resting place of the Indians and black slaves of the time.

For the year of 1651, the Christ was already painted and the execution is attributed to a Black of Angola of which there is no further information.

Regarding the two images of the Virgin and Mary Magdalene, it is known that by 1671 these images were painted and at that time it was ordered to paint the Eternal Father and the Holy Spirit, a commission given to the painter José de la Parra.

At the beginning its veneration and worship was limited to the brotherhood of slaves that resided there. After the earthquake of 1655 that destroyed a great part of the city but did not affect the mural, its worship was extended to the whole capital, since it was considered a miraculous fact that it remained intact. Later there were other strong earthquakes, which did not affect the image of the mural, which reinforced its veneration and its miraculous condition. The veneration to the Christ of Pachacamilla was given in its beginnings to the margin of the ecclesiastical hierarchy of that time, which later gave it protection and recognition.


The most important festivity takes place during the month of October, which is why this month is known as the purple month.


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