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Fun & Relax in Perú

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Latinos are known for their excellent disposition to have fun, dance and party, that is why, after traveling and getting to know Peru in depth, there is nothing better than enjoying the entertainment nights the cities of the country have to offer. Discotheques, bars and pubs are part of the night offer; variety of musical styles, good music, plenty of folklore and delicious drinks will make your predisposition to have fun. And to relax after a tumultuous and hard-fought night, there is nothing better than spas and massages that will leave you refreshed.

Discotheques In Cusco:


It is one of the best clubs in Cusco city, attended by both locals and tourists. The DJ plays electronic music, R & B and more. It also offers salsa classes at 21:00 to 23:00.
Address: 298 Portal de Panes - Cusco.

Mama África

This club is located in the same square of Cusco city and is an excellent place to have fun. It offers a variety of music, plus salsa classes almost every day.
Address: 109 Portal de Panes - 3rd floor, Main Square - Cusco.

Inca Team

Inka Team is a nightclub that creates the ultimate experience, especially for tourists, this property offers a warm atmosphere that will keep you moving all night.
Address: 298 Portal de Panes - Cusco.


Ukukus Cultural Bar, the bar has more variety of the city with the goal of the client to take a different drink for a year, its staff has a qualified vocational knowing and doing taste of each bar atmosphere. In addition to maintaining the right conditions sound, set and lighting.
Address: 316 Calle Plateros - Cusco.


Atika Disco Lounge bar, is one of the preferred local discotheques by young people. Here you will find varied music genre DJ's experienced from Cusco and quality beverages.
Address: 948 El Sol Av. -Cusco, C.C. Cusco Sol Plaza.


This club has a stage for live music, two bars where drinks are sold for domestic, international and exclusive drinks bar, plus an extensive lit dance floor with modern lights.
Address: 114 Santa Catalina St.- Cusco.

Sauna And Massage In Cusco:

Siluet Sauna Spa

Located in the downtown area of the City. Pioneers in Providing Massage. This property offers: Therapeutic massages, saunas, Jacuzzi and Treatment of Stress, also provides service to hotels.
Address: 253 Quera St. - Cusco.

Andina Spa

Services provides massages and hot stone massage with coca cream, cream eucalyptus muña cream and many more, which are very good for muscle aches. Also offers manicure, pedicure, facial, waxing, massage reducers, sauna and jacuzzi tubs.
Address: 112 Tullumayu Av. On the corner between Tullumayu Av. and Ruinas St.

Tawari Sauna Spa.

This service offers customers: Sauna, steam chamber, dry chamber, whirlpool, Reiki, weight control and beauty facial treatments.
Address: A - 17 Pisac St. Manuel Prado - Cusco.

Eva Siluet Spa

It's a beauty center body, with years of experience providing quality service with sophisticated equipment, trained personnel, which can offer a treatment.
Address:575 Pardo Av. 2nd floor - Cusco.

Gym In Cusco:

Primium Gym

PremiumGyn provides support services with a team of professional trainers in all areas in which you prefer to join. It has professionals in the area of nutrition and building muscle with which it can be and feel safe and comfortable. It offers good prices and good services for local and foreign clients.
Address: 106 El Sol Av.- C.C. La Merced - Cusco.

Fitness Club

It offers personalized advice on exercise and nutrition, which will be complemented by a good range of domestic and overseas supplements products.
Address: 2128 La Cultura Av. - Urb. Santa Rosa - Cusco.