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Dunes Around Ica

Majestic sand formations where you can do activities such as sandboarding and off-road vehicle rides.


These dunes have existed since ancient times, as these dunes are one of the most visited attractions by tourists seeking adventure in Ica, its wonderful mounds of sand finely designed with the wind, show wonderful landscapes, it is known that these dunes in South America is considered one of the highest.


The dunes of Ica surround the Huacachina oasis.


  • Huacachina Oasis
    At 5 kilometers from Ica, it is a fantastic place where the sand comes together to make symmetrical mountains. A natural wonder that is not only ideal for sandboarding, but it is worth visiting and contemplating, as well as a small lagoon around it.

Sandboarding, for those who do not know it or have not heard of it, is an "extreme" sport that consists of descending large sand dunes or hills with special boards, similar to snowboards.


You can access these dunes at any time, but if you want to rent a sand cart or a sandboard to practice sandboarding these have their costs.

Rental of sandbox trolley: S/ 50.00
Board rental: S/ 10.00 to S/ 30.00

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