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Site Museum Julio C. Tello - Paracas

It houses a large collection of artifacts and archaeological remains of the Paracas culture.

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It was built in 1965. Its creator was the French anthropologist Frederic Engel. In its interior the evolutionary process of the Paracas culture can be observed. The exhibited pieces belong to the 10 years of investigation that he carried out on the region of Paracas in the pre-ceramic stage.


It is located at approximately Km.400 of the Panamerican Highway South.


It shows in exhibition a tomb that has the form of a cavern in which a recreation of a house has been made based on canes and horcones of Huarango. In addition to human remains of collectors and fishermen with an antiquity of 6,500 BC.

In the museum you can also see pieces of ceramics, textiles and reproductions of the daily life of that time.


Monday to Sunday: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

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