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Piquillacta Archaeological Park

Extensive and well-preserved archaeological complex, composed of adobe and stone structures that show the greatness of the Wari culture.


It was one of the most important administrative centers of the Huari (or Wari) culture, between the VI and IX centuries of our era, and represents the Huari planned urbanism par excellence. Some specialists maintain that it remained in force until Inca times, although no remains have been found to corroborate this presence.


The archeological park of Piquillaqta is located 33 km southeast of Cusco, in the territories of the districts of Oropesa, Lucre and Andahuaylillas.


The vestiges of Piquillacta give the impression that the city was very well planned urbanistically, according to the classic Huari concept, with a very harmonious and almost perfect geometric plan. The rectangular and square shapes of the buildings, courts and squares are basic.

The constructions are made of uncarved stone and mud with mortar, arranged in groups separated by straight streets and surrounded by walls up to 12 m high, which gave it the appearance of a fortification.

In total it contains 700 buildings, 200 courts and 508 warehouses or colcas (others consider them to be dwellings), among other buildings. Most of the walls of the dwellings are covered with plaster and some are even painted with well-delineated anthropomorphic motifs; there is also evidence that many buildings were two and even three stories high. All of which gives the impression that its inhabitants were very well developed in many aspects. It is estimated that it housed a population of ten thousand people.

A walled sector stands out on the northwest side, with 508 almost identical circular enclosures, each of about 4 m² and with only one access, which are supposed to have been granaries or colcas, although another hypothesis (by MacEwan) suggests that they were dwellings for military garrisons or temporary workers.


Hours of Operation: 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Cost: Entrance included in the tourist ticket.

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