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Popular Art Museum

A tribute to the rich artistic and handicraft tradition of Cusco, where colorful and fascinating popular creations are exhibited.

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The Museum of Popular Art of Cusco belongs to the American Institute of Art, an ancient and traditional cultural organization of the city, which founded the Jubilee Week of Cusco and rescued the Santurantikuy fair from disappearance.

It has some of the best pieces of Cusco's popular art since the 1940s, most of them systematically acquired at the Santurantikuy Christmas fair. In the collection are pieces of the outstanding masters: Hilario Mendívil and family, Edilberto Mérida, Nemesio Villasante, Santiago Rojas, Luis Acosta, Jesús Latorre, Antonio Olave, among others.



It shows works such as sculptures, ceramic works, photographs and other works of the most renowned artisans of Cusco as: Edilberto Mérida, with his sculptures of grotesque art made in clay, Hilario Mendívil, his made in rice dough, religious style; its most important feature are the images of elongated necks with drawings of flowers, the most characteristic are the Virgin of Bethlehem and the Holy Family. There are also works of Santiago Rojas with representations of the daily life of the inhabitants of Cusco (typical for the feast of Santuranticuy December 24), with typical dances; another important artisan is Follana with his children Manuelitos, made in maguey and glass palate being representative of the Child of the Thorn. Antonio Olave, is also a recognized artisan with his art of gold leaf in the confection of children for Christmas nativity scenes.


Hours of operation: Monday to Saturday 8:30 to 6:00 hrs. - Sundays and holidays 8:00 - 1:00 hrs.
Admission: Included in the Tourist Ticket.

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