A city, so visited as Cusco, museums could not lack. These, designed to show various aspects of culture Pre-Inca, Inca, colonial and republican, are distributed throughout the city. Venture to know, after visiting them not fail to thank us. Here we detail how to get to the 9 museums are there in the city of Cusco.


Inka Museum

Museum installed in the Admiral's House, an important monument of colonial architecture. The museum keeps the main Inca archaeological collection in Peru Inca culture that reflects and other archaeological cultures of the region of Cusco.

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Pre-Columbian Art Museum

This museum is located in House Cabrera, which was remodeled to house the first and only museum dedicated to highlight the Peruvian art of the ancient cultures of Peru, the Pre-Columbian Art Museum.

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Museum of Santa Catalina Monastery

Museum built on the Acllawawsi to the west of the parade, the museum is in the convent of Santa Catalina and houses works of art with religious themes.

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Casa Concha Museum

Machu Picchu Museum was opened in one of the most famous houses of Cuzco "La Casa Concha" This museum exhibit Machu Picchu parts returned by Yale University. This beautiful place is remarkable for its picturesque balconies, was the residence of Jose de Santiago Concha, aristocrat noticeable during the early days of the conquest. One of his descendants, Pius Concha Martin, was the last Spanish governor of Cusco in the nineteenth century.

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Religious Art Museum

Construction colonial inspired by the Arabs built upon the foundations of what originally was the Palace of Inca Roca.

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Regional Historical Museum

Also known as "Casa Garcilaso," because in this house the writer was born and lived until age 20 Cusco. The museum contains a collection of the rich and varied cultural heritage Cusco.

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Qorikancha Site Museum

In the courtyard of Qorikancha is a museum that explains the functions that satisfy this Inca temple. Shows fragments and pottery of the Inca period as well as samples of metallurgy, textiles, painting, sculpture, musical instruments, sculpture, etc.

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Contemporary Art Museum

Here on display are paintings, ceramics, sculptures and other works of art owned by renowned national and international exponents of contemporary art of the twentieth and twenty-first, which are constantly renewed. It has three rooms where there are all these artistic displays.

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