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Amaru Kancha - Wayna Qhapaq Palace

The royal and ceremonial legacy of the Incas in the heart of Cusco.

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Amaru Kancha, is a Quechua expression that means: enclosure of the snakes or the field of the snake. It was built by Wayna Qhapaq and was the residence of the "Tumipampa Ayllu", it was separated from the AcllaWasi by the Inti K'ijllu, to the southwest and extended to the Saphy river while its western side overlooked the Waqaypata.

In the distribution of lots, after the conquest, it was given to Hernando Pizarro, Manzo Sierra de Leguizamo, Antonio Altamirano and Alonzo Mazuela, later it was occupied by the Jesuits who built the Church of the Society of Jesus.


Located between the current streets of Loreto, El Sol Avenue and the Plaza de Armas. Today we can find in this place the Church of the Company of Jesus.


What is left of the palace is very little. In Loreto Street you can still see the walls that corresponded to it, inside what was the palace today we find the Church of the Compaña de Jesús, the Palace of Justice and the auditorium of the National University of San Antonio Abab del Cusco.


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