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The enigma of the Twelve Angles Stone and the fascinating Inca architecture in Cusco.


Hatun Rumiyuc means house that has big stones or that has a big stone. This palace was built by Inca Roca and was the residence of his panaca "Ayllu WaqaK'irau" (where the sacred object lies).

After the conquest, the palace was partially dismantled to build the colonial house of the Valverde Contreras and Xáraba family, Marquises of Rocafuerte, which is currently known as the Archbishop's Palace.


Located 200 meters from the main square, it is currently the Museum of Religious Art.
Taking the Plaza de Armas as a reference point, we advance along the side of the Iglesia del Triunfo and, walking straight ahead, we arrive at the Hatun Runiyoc pedestrian street where this palace is located.


The most outstanding feature of this palace is the stonework of its beautiful wall (inclined inward), built with irregular polyhedrons of green diorite stone, it was the palace of the Inca founder of Escuelas. Here is the famous "Stone of twelve angles". Of this palace only the beautiful Inca wall remains.
In the colonial building erected over it, the Archbishop's Palace, we find the Museum of Religious Art that houses an important collection of colonial and religious paintings.


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