Inca Palaces of Cusco

Inca Palaces

The Incas created a cyclopean building style features. This was evident, especially in the palaces built for each successor who acceded to the throne. The remnants of these buildings can be seen even in the eight palaces described below.


QollqanpataThe palace was built in the foothills of Sacsayhuaman in the neighborhood of Qollqanpata, this palace corresponded to the founder of the empire of the Incas, Manco Capac. Qollqanpata was an important area at the Inca`s time.

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Hatunrumiyoc Palace, so named because it contains one of the walls of the famous stone of 12 angles, is also known as the Inca Roca place.

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Hatun Kancha is a Quechua term that means: The large enclosure, the palace of that name owned by Amaru Inca Yupanqui and there in lay his lineage or panaca. Pukamarka" is a Quechua word. It means Red Place. Inca Tupac Yupanqui gave this name to the palace, which had a rectangular peripheral frame. It was located at the south east of the Waqaypata (now Main Square).

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Amaru Kancha

Huge block of buildings was rectangular was located of the south of Waqaypata, ordered to be built by Wayna Qapaq, was residence of Tumipampa Ayllu. Amaru Kancha, is a Quechua expression that means: enclosure of the snakes or the field of snake, This palace was built by Wayna Qhapaq and was the residence of Tumipampa Ayllu.

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