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Palace built by Inca Roca, nowadays you can appreciate the portals and the colonial houses.


"Qoraqora" is a Quechua word that means: Herbazal or place with abundant grass. This palace was located next to the Qasana and at the time of the Incas were not separated, as it is currently by the street Procuradores. Its eastern flank must have faced a public road (approximately where Sweden Street runs today).

According to historians, this palace was built by Inca Roca and was the residence of "Ayllu Raurau". With the arrival of the Spaniards it was awarded to Gonzalo Pizarro.


It was located next to the Qasana and its façade possibly faced the Waqaypata in what is now the Portal Harinas, north of the Plaza de Armas.


During the colonial period, residences were built on the foundations of the old palace, leaving its stone bases exposed, and today you can see the portals and colonial houses (most of which are used as tourist businesses).


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