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Red place in Quechua, this palace had a rectangular peripheral frame. It was built by Tupac Inca Yupanqui.


"Pukamarka" means Red Place, and this denomination was given to this palace that had a rectangular peripheral frame and was located towards the southeast of the Waqaypata. It was built by Tupac Inca Yupanqui and his panaca called "Hatun Ayllu".

It is said that Tupac Inca Tupanqui ordered to build such a palace so that there would be no room for doubt as to who, between him and his brother, was in command of the empire. Although out of respect for his father and his brother Amaru, he could not build his palace in the main square or Waqaypata on which the Qasana palace of Pachacutec and his grandfather Viracocha overlooked.


Located between Maruri, San Agustín, Santa Catalina Ancha and Arequipa streets.


Nowadays there are still happily huge walls that can be seen around a large part of the block, although along the colony a number of doors were opened according to the needs of the new inhabitants. Colonial buildings have been built on top of the walls, which are currently used as businesses, offices and residences.


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