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Four Busts Mansion

This colonial mansion was part of the anteroom to the Coricancha and the great plaza of the sun (Intipampa).

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It was important in the times of the Inca Empire, since it is believed that the area where it is built was part of the antechamber of the Temple of the Sun (Qorikancha) and the Great Plaza of the Sun (Intipampa).

After the conquest, the brother of the conquistador Gonzalo Pizarro took possession of the Inca palace that was located there and later sold it to the Marquis Juan de Salas, who had a two-story house built, using the Inca walls and introducing stone arches.

It is decorated with rosettes and columns in relief, the lintel is carved in a single piece of stone, showing four busts and the noble coat of arms. Today it has become one of the best known hotels in the city, the "Hotel Libertadores.



Inside, confirming the social importance of the building, one can appreciate the layout of the courtyard with stone arches in the four corners and a water fountain in the center.

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