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Hatun Kancha

Exploring the majestic ceremonial and residential center of the ancient Inca Empire in Cusco.


Hatun Kancha is a Quechua expression that means: The great enclosure, The palace belonged to Amaru Inca Yupanqui and there resided his lineage or panaca. Historians say that Amaru, for his intelligence and obedience was profiled to inherit the empire of the Tahuantinsuyo; reason for which he earns the right to build his own palace adjacent to the Waqaypata and very close to the palace of his grandfather. When Tupac Inca Yupanqui assumes power (due to the immense popularity caused by his bravery) Amaru Inca Yupanqui maintains the right to preserve his great palace and his panaca.


Located to the east of the Plaza de Armas, and bounded by Triunfo, Santa Catalina Angosta, Santa Catalina Ancha and Herrajes streets.


Currently they are colonial houses, built on the foundations of the old Hatun Kancha, most of these buildings house businesses aimed at the tourism sector.


Consult with your travel agency.

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