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    The Recoleta Hotel is a historical religious monument built up in the XVII

    Cusco’s finest Classic hotel: serene and full of colonial character,

    The hotel is located in the Plaza de Armas of Cusco, the ancient capital of

    Our hotel is located in Av. Pachacutec, main artery of the town of Aguas

Religious Circuit Cusco

Tours In Cusco

Religious Circuit Cusco

4 hours


Duration: 4 hours
Departures: Daily, all year

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A midday outing, allowing you to know the Colonial Cusco.
Since all visits are located in the historical center of Cusco, the tour is usually walking, weather permitting.

Cusco Cathedral Basilica

The construction of this monument cathedral took 132 years, receiving its final consecration in 1669. Today, now the icon of the city, this magnificent temple built on an area of over 4000 m2, preserved its 11 chapels, 1 sacristy, one chapter house, 7 altarpieces, one choir under completely carved wood cedar Cusco, has more than 300 paintings and sculptures and different sizes.

Archbishop's Palace

This construction becomes an amalgam and new symbiosis of Cusco and Peruvian colonial architecture, blending two styles and two cultures, an abode of an Inca ruler marquesal a palace. Here is located the famous stone of twelve angles.

Church of the Company of Jesus

The Society of Jesus, the universal church founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola, developed an intense pastoral activity in Cusco.
One expression of this is the majestic temple of the Order, in full parade of the Imperial City, next to the Cathedral.

Church of San Blas

The original chapel of San Blas raised in one of the first parishes of Cusco, chapel then was gradually transforming into a larger building, which after the earthquake of March 31 of the year 1650 became an important temple began to be decorated with sumptuous artwork.

Rules of admission to the Temples

To ensure respect for our temples and the convenience of our visitors, we ask that you take into account the following rules:

  • Respect the silence
  • Enter correctly dress
  • Do not interrupt religious services
  • Respect the cleansing of the temple
  • To refrain from taking pictures and videos
  • Do not touch or damage the art e-commerce SCRL

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