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Documentation & Legality

Make sure you have the necessary documentation and comply with the legal requirements for your visit to Peru.


To enter Peru, citizens of Western Europe, Asia, South America, North America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa do not need a visa; however, an updated passport is required for travelers from other countries.

To obtain a tourist visa, you need a valid passport, two color photos, an application form, an airline ticket out of Peru, proof of economic solvency and to pay a certain fee.
If your passport is full of travel stamps and does not yet have an expiration date, you can request additional pages to be added to your passport at your country's embassy.
All visitors to Peru are given a tourist card upon arrival that must be filled out with personal information, each card has a duplicate and the immigration office keeps a copy of it.
CuscoPeru.com recommends that when entering the country it is necessary that the passport is valid for at least six months after you have arrived in the country. If the passport expires within the country, it can be renewed free of charge at the embassies of your country in Peru.


It is prohibited in archaeological sites:

  • Carrying and/or consuming alcoholic beverages inside archeological sites.
  • Climbing walls and other archaeological constructions.
  • Making inscriptions on floors, walls, stones, etc. If so, this will be sanctioned.
  • To steal samples of lithic material and/or plants or flowers.
  • Throwing solid and/or liquid waste.
  • Entry of professional filming or photography equipment for commercial purposes, for which the corresponding permit and authorization must be obtained from the Dirección Regional de Cultura.

It is prohibited in national parks and reserves:

  • Feeding wild animals.
  • Make noise and generate acoustics that negatively impact the ecosystem (loudspeakers, screams, whistles, loudspeakers or similar).
  • It is forbidden to leave the camp alone and without express authorization.
  • Tourists can only swim in sites and at times authorized by the guides.


  • Smoking in public places is prohibited by law.
  • Carrying firearms without the respective authorization constitutes a felony.
  • Speech, whether spoken or written, in defense or praise of terrorist actions or organizations is punishable by law.
  • The transport, possession and/or sale of narcotic drugs
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