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Tour in Motocycle to the Salt Mines of Maras and Moray half day

7 hours

Tours In Sacred Valley

Tour in Motocycle to the Salt Mines of Maras and Moray half day

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This tour in motocycle to the salt mines of Maras and Moray will take you through the Sacred Valley, exploring this place by motocycle, feeling the speed and adrenaline. It is ideal for people who come alone or in small groups. Landscapes that you will see are unique. Every day, the Sacred Valley has something different to show. Attractive changes during the year by different factors. Despite this, every trip with cuscoperu.com will be a unique and incomparable experience.

Duration: 1/2 Day.

Distance: 140Km / 87 miles (asphalt and off-road).

Frequency: Departures offered daily.

Located: In the mountains overlooking the Sacred Valley of the Inkas ( max. altitude is 3800 m.a.s.l / 12467 ft.).

Full itinerary

Tour in motocycle to the salt mines of Maras and Moray half day experience.


Maras salt mines, the colonial church of Tiobamba, the terraced Inka agricultural system at Moray (which is 150 meters / 492 fett deep) and the archaeological site in the town of Chinchero.


• Adventure guide (English and Spanish).
• Basic equipment (helmet, gloves and jacket).
• Basic insurance (only covers personal injuries).

Not Includes:

• Gasoline for the motorcycles.
• Full coverage insurance is optional

• Driver's license.
• Credit card.
• Agreement and signature on risk document.

Bikes to choose from: HONDA XR TORNADO 250, HONDA NX 400 FALCON, HONDA XR650L

Bikes US$ 87.00 per bike
Bikes US$ 62.00 per bike
Bikes US$ 54.00 per bike  
4 + Bikes    US$ 48.00 per bike  


We have several options based on the hotel, type of train and guided, the options are adapted to all budgets and THE PRICE IS PER PERSON. If the hotel of your choice is not on our offer, ask us for a price, we will respond quickly.
If you have questions about the prices or the Tour, We gladly assist you, write info@cuscoperu.com or please call the phones:
Office: +51 84 263646.
Cell - WhatsApp: +51 984 709080.
Cell - WhatsApp: +51 984 680809.


• Our service includes private transport from Cusco to Ollantaytambo, this guarantees that you arrive in time to take the train and have a comfortable journey in a private car, without waiting for other passengers.
• For reservations with 3 months in advance request a special discount.


We are committed to providing you with an unforgettable experience in Peru, offering you quality at a great price.
All of the above sounds better if our own passengers say the same so, take a moment to review the comments about CuscoPeru.com

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How to make a reservation?

To begin the process of booking we need you to send us the following information:

✔ Full Name:
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✔ It is very important in your flight information: (The name of the airline you are going to arrive in Cusco, your flight number, arrival Date and Time)

We have 4 options for you to make the deposit.

1.- You can make the payment by VISA or MASTERCARD credit card through our system www.cuscoperu.com/payment this system gains 5% additional (SSL secure system and transfer charges of the foreign bank).
2.- You can make the payment through Western Unión to our legal representative: FANNY CHOQQUE YEPEZ - DNI: 76474604 - City: Cusco Perú. You must send us the MTCN code of your deposit.
3.- You can also make a deposit to the account of our company in the BBVA Banco Continental Current account: Account code. Interbancario: (CCI) 011 201 000100028495 18 - CUSCOPERU.COM E-COMMERCE SRL - SWIFT CODE: BCONPEPL - must add U$60.00 which is the charge made by our bank to our account by international transfer and administrative expenses, you should also consult your bank about the additional amount you will be charged.
4.- Finally with VISA - MASTERCARD credit card with PAYPAL generating the payment order we would send you CuscoPeru.com e-commerce If you accept this option you will have a surcharge of 7% .

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