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Tambopata Research Center Tour 4 days - Puerto Maldonado tours amazon 4D

(4 days / 3 night)

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Tambopata Research Center Tour 4 days - Puerto Maldonado tours amazon 4D

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If yours is living in search of nature, this Puerto maldonado to Tambopata research center tour will be all for you. Peru is a diverse country; we have a part of the Amazon, the only lung of the planet. What more could you ask, Peru is our earthly paradise. Diversity of flora and fauna together to delight us the most. Our duty is to protect these areas, leaving the rest to CuscoPeru.com - always ready to help in everything related to your travel itinerary. Make the most of this and all our tours.

Duration: 4 days y 3 nights.

Departures: Every day, all the year.

Private Service.

Full itinerary

DAY 1:

Arrival and Reception by the Guide: Our guides are biologists, tourism professionals, or community members. We assign one guide to six people in Tambopata Research Center. This means that, smaller groups will be merged with other groups under one guide. If you want a private guide or a guide who speaks another language other than English, please contact us.

Transfer from the Airport to the office in Puerto Maldonado: Upon arrival from Lima or Cusco, you are welcome at the airport and taken to our office in Puerto Maldonado ten minutes away. While enjoying a first contact with the forest in our gardens we will ask you to pack only what is necessary for the coming days. You leave the rest at our safe deposit. This helps us keeping the boats lights.

Transfer office Maldonado / Tambopata Port: Skirting Puerto Maldonado, we drive 20 kilometers to the shipment port, located in Inferno Native Community, managed by an initiative from the people who live there.

Transfer by boat from the Tambopata Port to the Amazon Refuge: This journey of two and a half hours takes us through the Native Community of Infierno, and beyond the checkpoint of the Tambopata National Reserve, directly to the buffer zone, this protected area of more than one million hectares. Lunch box lunch.

Orientation: Upon the arrival, the lodge manager will welcome and start a speech with important security tips, and dinner.

Search alligators: We leave at night and during the boat ride along the Tambopata River, soley on the shores with headlamps and flashlights reflection of the red eyes of alligators.

Overnight in Amazon refuge.

DAY 2:

Visit Lake: Breakfast, we will take a canoe or catamaran ride around the lake searching resident species, such as the shansho, the camungo and alligator. Hoping to see the otters, which however are not seen frequently here. We can also observe macaws and parrots flying over the lake.

Canopy Tower: A half-hour walk from the Amazon Refuge leads to the canopy tower, 25 meters high. A staircase railing provides secure access to the platforms above. The tower has been built on high ground, thus increasing the visibility on the horizon of primary forest extending into the Tambopata National Reserve. From here, you can see different species of birds like toucans, macaws and raptors, among others.

Transfer by boat from the Amazon Refuge to the Tambopata Research Center: A four hours amid the heart of the reserve, lies the Tambopata Research Center. After half an hour, we reached the mouth of the River Malinowski and leave behind human presence. At the core of uninhabited 700,000 hectares of the reserve, become more common sightings of capybara, caiman, geese, macaws and other species of animals. Lunch box lunch.

Orientation: Upon the arrival, the lodge manager will welcome and start a speech with important security tips.

River Overlooking: We will leave the TRC to walk along the Tambopata River, about three to five kilometers. We can enjoy a breathtaking view over the Tambopata River. The road through a forest formed on remnants of an ancient forest of bamboo. It is a habitat where they feel good the titi monkey and the howler monkey. Dinner.

Presentation about the Macaws Project. After dinner, resident scientists will give us a talk, in which we will provide an in-depth look at the biology of macaws, their feeding habits, the theories for clay lick use, their ecology, behavior and feeding, varieties within a population. Population fluctuations and the threats and problems for conservation.

Overnight at the Tambopata Research Center.

DAY 3:

Collpa: Breakfast. In most clear days of the year, dozens of macaws and hundreds of parrots congregate on this great wall of clay in a show of colors and sounds, which inspired a cover story in National Geographic. Discretely located very early in the morning about 100 meters from the cliff you will observe the three major species of macaws and countless species of parrots feeding themselves on the clay. The visit is made at dawn when the lick is most active.

Hike through the flooded forest: This five-kilometer trail covers the prototypical rain forest with immense trees criss-crossed by creeks and ponds. Among the ficus, the ceiba and shihuahuacos, we?ll find squirrel monkeys, black spider monkeys and machines, as well as peccaries. TRC is located in this habitat. Lunch.

Pond platform: Ten minutes upriver from the lodge there is a tiny pond with a platform in the middle. It is a great place to spot waterfowl such as ducks, herons and shanshos, as woodpeckers, orioles, flycatchers and parakeets found around this pond, their home. Dinner.

Night walk. We will have the opportunity to walk at night, which is when activity of most mammals, but rarely seen. Much more common are frogs with shapes and sounds as bizarre as their natural histories.

Overnight at the Tambopata Research Center (TRC).

DAY 4:

Boat transfer from TRC to Tambopata Port then from Tambopata Port to the Office in Maldonado and finally to the Airport: We will return to Puerto Maldonado office for a brief stop and then the airport. Depending on the departure times of flights, a very early dawn departure may be necessary. End of the Puerto maldonado tour to the Tambopata research center of four days.

We reserve the right to change the order of activities.


• Programs based on double rooms.
• All the transportation (depending on the itinerary).
• Transfer Airport - Refuge - Airport
• Professional Guide (Spanish, English)
• Reconfirmation of the national flights from Puerto Maldonado.
• Meals mentioned on the itinerary


• National and international flights.
• Airport taxes.
• Visa Fees.
• Excess with the luggage.
• Additional nights in case of bad weather or canceled flights.
• Alcoholic drinks, sodas or mineral water in bottles.
• Snacks.
• Insurance of any type.
• Laundry.
• National and international phone calls.
• Reconfirmation of international flights.
• Tips.
• IGV Tax.
• Other services non mentioned on the itinerary.

Note: A TAMBOPATA RESEARCH CENTER PROGRAMS - There is an additional payment of $ 60 per person for the entrance to the national park that applies to visitors to Tambopata Research Center (TRC) - Rates subject to change according SERNANP regulation.

Transfers to the Refuge:

• Arrival transfer (Puerto Maldonado - Refuge): We have two transfers daily at 13:00 hrs. and 14:00 hrs.
• Transfer out (Refuge - Puerto Maldonado): Two daily departures at 07:00 hrs. and 8:00 hrs. For other alternative transfers, please contact us.

The registration process for all our guests is from 13: 00 to 20: 00 hours; our departure is until 8:00 am.



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