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Irriberry Mansion

A jewel of colonial architecture in Arequipa, it will transport you to the past with its elegant design and historical charm.


The Irriberry house is the base of the Chávez de la Rosa cultural complex. It is believed that its construction dates back to 1743. This is due to one of the inscriptions made by its builder that says: "This house was built in the year 1743. Por Dios le pydo al que bybybyere en ella, un Padre Nuestro".

This house is built on a lot of 23 m in front and 56 m deep, for the large area it occupies, is the classic Arequipa house with rooms, terrace and patios. The facade was originally designed in three bodies, a central one with a large wooden gate, with a shutter and studded with decorative nails; at the top, a projecting cornice enriched with neoclassical decorative elements.



Its rooms have been conditioned for the presentation of pictorial and sculptural exhibitions, as well as for the realization of a series of social events and various exhibitions - sale of Contemporary Art. In the interior of this Casona we find in the second patio a small Chapel, and administrative offices of the UNSA, as well as in the last patio with exit to the San Agustin street we find a bookstore.


Located on the corner of Santa Catalina and San Agustín streets

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