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Maras Town

The town of Maras, a hidden gem of the Peruvian Andes with its fascinating salt mines and captivating landscapes.


Maras was occupied when the citizens of Cusco withdrew from the Inca palaces in Cusco and had to migrate to other small towns, such as Maras and San Sebastian.

This population center was an obligatory stop for muleteers and their mule trains that transported tropical products and especially coca leaves from the high Cusco jungle to satisfy the needs of the city of Cusco and the country.


It is located 30 km northeast of the city of Cusco.


Salt mines:

It is an impressive salt mining complex, which were already exploited since the Inca period as a means of economic exchange and values. From Maras you can visit the salt mines by a bridle path, where it is common to find mules carrying the sacks of salt extracted from the natural salt mines.


It is an outstanding colonial church made of adobe with typical religious architecture where you can find Cuzco paintings depicting the Last Supper, Jesus and the apostles. It also shows beautiful mansions with coats of arms of noble Indians, reflecting a time of prosperity during the colony.

The Covers:

They are beautiful portals carved in stone in high relief and with geometric and zoomorphic figures.


Visits to the temple during mass hours.

To visit the salt mineral complex you can do it from 7am to 5pm.

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