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Ollantaytambo, City of the Living Inka

Ollantaytambo, reveals the majesty of Inca architecture with its imposing stone structures and agricultural terraces.

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Each worked stone is an independent work of art in relation to the others, with different sides, angles and volumes. The ancient Peruvians, far removed from our own pragmatism and facism, had a different concept of time and art.

Ollantaytambo is also known for a drama of Inca plot entitled "Ollantay", whose protagonist was the general Ollanta; In this literary work the actions take place in this place.


The Ollantaytambo Archaeological Park is located in the district of the same name in the province of Urubamba, 60 km as the crow flies from the city of Cusco.

To arrive to Ollantaytambo we can travel by bus, cabs or also in Tours made by Tourist Agencies of the city of Cusco, Via Chinchero-Urubamba the distance is 75 Km. By the road that passes through Pisac the distance is 93 Km.


Platform Groups

From several kilometers before Ollantaytambo, at the height of the town of Pachar, on both sides of the valley on the slopes of the slopes, we find a grouping of platforms parallel to each other, with formidable walls sloping towards the hill with steps that come out embedded in the walls.

The Forts of Choqana and Inkapintay

Choqana is a Quechua word, indicating where it is knocked down or thrown. It corresponds to a pucara or barracks, located two kilometers before Ollantaytambo (going to Cusco), on the left side of the Urubamba River. It was a place of administrative control, signal station, communication and fort; it has water supply, food deposits and many enclosures arranged for surveillance.

MañayRaqay Square also called K'uychipunku

Mañay means request and Raqay means shed; it is interpreted as the Plaza de las Peticiones. This name had the Plaza de Ollantaytamboy keeps it until today; this square is located on the right bank of the Patakancha stream, rectangular in shape, the boundary walls have many doorways.

The Royal House of the Sun

The Royal House of the Sun or fortress, and Ollantaytambo in its entirety, still preserves the layout of the urban planning of the Inca period, consisting of 17 superimposed terraces, a succession of straight and wide terraces facing the side of the square and the town; the upper group of terraces, runs transversely with respect to the previous group and at a greater height.

The Enclosure of the ten Hornacinas and the Monumental Doorway

It is the last platform of the Superior Group of Platforms of The Real house of the Sun, the whole wall is constituted by two stone canvases, that form a room species. This enclosure is incomplete today, the outer wall and the wall that contained the entrance door were demolished, the foundations still remain and it is possible to be noticed that the cupboards were towards the interior and not as today to the intemperie.

The Temple of the Sun

It is an impressive architectural complex destroyed almost in its entirety, there remain the immovable pieces that form a stony canvas that for its solidity, volume and for its form of assembly resisted the onslaught of the extirpators of idolatries and also repelled the looters of treasures. It is thought that the whole set formed the Temple of the Sun of which only the western wall has remained formed by 6 stones of red porphyry and between them slats that fit with incredible accuracy.

The Ñust'a Bath

It is a beautiful fountain with triple bedel in parallel and broken straight lines, sculpted on the front face; the Incas built in every urban center groupings of liturgical fountains.


The opening hours are from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.
The entrance fee is included in the Tourist Ticket.

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