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Luren Sanctuary Church

A place of pilgrimage where devotees venerate the Lord of Luren, seeking his protection and manifesting their faith.


It was built over 36 years by the effort of the entire community, being part of the history of the city of Ica, its architecture is unique in the world and is a beautiful building that deserves to be preserved for future generations.

The style of this temple is of neoclassical architecture with a Latin cross plan. It is characterized by three portals with brick arches. The history dates back to the construction of the old chapel on May 13, 1556, when the city of Ica had not yet been founded and was then called Villa de Valverde.


Located 900 m south of the Plaza de Armas.


Inside there is a large dome supported by huge columns, which highlights the image of the Moreno Christ, known as the Lord of Luren, which is with the virgin looking at him standing and the statue Magdalena crying embraced in the lower part of the wood. The Christ is approximately 1.80 meters tall and his hair is human.

The festival is celebrated in October and Holy Week, with a massive procession.


Monday to Friday : 8:00 hours - 15:00 hours
Saturday to Sunday : 7:00 hours - 12:00 hour

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