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Cotahuasi Canyon

One of the deepest canyons in the world, with impressive rock walls, beautiful waterfalls and natural landscapes.


The Cotahuasi canyon was formed by the erosion of the waters of the river of the same name plus the affluence of the Huayllapaña and Huarcayatiene rivers. It has a depth of 3,535 meters, in the Ninancocha sector.

This canyon is part of the province of La Unión and is located within the Cotahuasi Sub-basin Landscape Reserve. It includes twelve life zones and three ecological regions, and, along the 100 kilometers of extension that forms the valley, you can appreciate different altitudinal floors, each of them possessing endemic species of both flora and fauna.



This church has exquisite works of art, including its famous pulpit, which deserves a special study, as well as beautiful paintings of the Cusco School.


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