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Peruvian National Holidays

Peruvian National Holidays

This July 28 is the main day of the celebrations for the national holiday in Peru, this due to the declaration of independence made ​​by Don Jose de San Martin in 1821.

Mother Earth's Day

pago pachamama 02

Inca tradition that continues from ancient times. Many people have a close relationship with our Mother Earth (Pachamama in Quechua), therefore every August 1st happens the perform of the ceremony in payment to the Pachamama.

August, the month of the winds

cometas cusco

August is known as the month of wind and kites, airships piloted from the ground to represent the desire that man has to fly and which dates back to ancient China.

Let's Fly Kites!!

Let's Fly Kites

Cusco is full of winds, August is the perfect month to dust off our kites and fly them. And they aren´t just elements of fun and freedom.

Gastronomy in Cusco


The exquisite and varied food Cusco is characterized not only by its flavor and by combination of traditional Andean products in the region; influences also for being one of the living expressions and more representative of the southern Andean culture in Peru.

New Year 2019

festividad de ao nuevo

Cusco, known as the navel of the world, is one of the special places over the world to celebrate the New Year

Altitude sickness? You can handle it!

img mal de altura

Are the 3399 m.a.s.l. that makes people feel afraid to visit the city of Cusco. But it is not something otherworldly, because even to the cusquenians happen when we left the city for a while; and when we return, we feel quiet dizzy.

What To Bring For The Inca Trail

img que debes llevar

For lovers of nature and adventure, especially those who are eager to get to Machu Picchu via the Inca Trail

Joy colors and flavor of cusco carnival

danzas secundaria

February begins with a beautiful month as the others, with days of rain and plenty of sunshine. It is characterized for many reasons, but primarily for its festivals with lively dances, typical food, colorful costumes and locations as a meeting to celebrate the customs and traditions of the residents of Cusco and visitors.