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The Virgin of Candelaria Feast

It is known as the folkloric capital of Peru and that it is difficult to deny when we see women and men Aymara and Quechua dressed in beautiful traditional and colorful costumes. Every year in February, the inhabitants of Puno live with intensity and joy this party with religious overtones which inspires and encourages the hearts of thousands of faithful and visitors from all over the world.

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Joy colors and flavor of cusco carnival

February begins with a beautiful month as the others, with days of rain and plenty of sunshine. It is characterized for many reasons, but primarily for its festivals with lively dances, typical food, colorful costumes and locations as a meeting to celebrate the customs and traditions of the residents of Cusco and visitors.

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The exquisite and varied food Cusco is characterized not only by its flavor and by combination of traditional Andean products in the region; influences also for being one of the living expressions and more representative of the southern Andean culture in Peru. it is true what many say, that the food of Cusco is pleasant salty taste? ...


New Year 2016

Cusco is a very special place to wait with overwhelming joy and hope the coming of the "New Year" and the largest and crowded feast takes place in the main square of Cusco.

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Mistura 2014

From September 6 to 15 will be held the VI food fair - Mistura 2014. This year the fair will be held at the Costa Verde District Magdalena del Mar in Lima.

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Google Street View Cars on Cusco streets

Since a several days, Google Street View cars tour the streets of the city of Cusco, to this city soon to be included in this service which is part of Google Maps.

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Day of the Señor de Huanca

The main day of the Señor de Huanca is on September 14th. Over several days, hundreds of parishioners attend this beautiful sanctuary to worship the martyred Christ image.

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August, the month of the winds

August is an auspicious month for flying kites. In Cusco the most emblematic place for this activity is the Archaeological Park of Sacsayhuaman.

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Huayllabamba Temple is under restoration

San Juan Bautista church of Huayllabamba, Sacred Valley of the Incas, is being restored by Dirección Desconcentrada de Cultura de Cusco.

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Pachamama Day

August 1st is the Earth Day for the Andean towns, Pachamama or Mother Earth, is a divinity and is the basis of the belief system and the Andean rituals.

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