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Let's Fly Kites!!

August in Cusco: Month of Kites and Winds in Sacsayhuaman.

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Cusco is full of winds, August is the perfect month to dust off our kites and fly them. And they aren´t just elements of fun and freedom. Kites were used many years ago, back in 1200 a.J in China as elements of communication and signaling between military bases. But we will not talk about history and use more stories that were lived in Cusco.

Formerly our elders made their own kites with local materials. Using the NIWA (a plant with strong stem with low weight), then they were on the highest areas of our city. The meeting point used to be the pampas near to Sacsayhuaman, everyone's favorite place. There, the running wind felt it was the perfect place to fly kites with friends and family.

August is the month of kites, dozens of children and their families gathered at Sacsayhuaman are given to start the fun. Plans start at 4 pm. The winds in this area are luxurious, and already by 5 pm all begin to take out their kites.

To make the frame cross kite. Then with the wick all corners of the cross joined ensuring they are well connected and fastened. Finally you put the lining paper kite on the entire framework, which for the momento, will be a rhombus. Using rubber in all parts of paper left over and our kite join this list. If you want you can add a tale to give more life to your kite.

Over time kites were always present in our childhood and youth. But this does not stop there because many adults like kiting with the smallest.

Raise your kite, elevates your soul.

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