It is located 40 km from Cusco in Quispicanchi province.


San Pedro of Andahuaylillas church is the major attraction for visitors due to its quality of art pieces which are considered as the “sixteenth chapel” of America. It was built by the Jesuits near the end of 16th century and beginning of 17th century. It has classic architecture of small towns. Its walls are wide which is typical of colonial buildings made of mud bricks that were dried on the sun, with a façade decorated with murals and two stone columns on the main gate.

Taditional towns Andahuaylillas


Andahuaylillas has two main tourist attractions:
  • The "sixteenth chapel" of America

    Although its architecture is quite simple, the internal decoration is the most impressive of the place. We can mention a painting “Virgen de la Asuncion” which author was the historical painter Esteban Murillo.
    We can also see murals made by Luis Riaño (17th century) that represent the man choosing by glory. He also made the paintings the that decorate the socles and a remarkable oil painting of archangel San Miguel. The church also has a never seen collection of Cusquenian school paintings that represents the life of Saint Pedro (with amazing frames made of gold leaf), a majestic organ, silver jewelry and a baroque altar. In the enclosure, we can see rooms where there are remains of an Inca construction. Outside, on the west of the front patio, there are three carved crosses that represent the trinity as Catholic symbol (Father, son and holy spirit).

  • Andahuaylillas main square:

    This big square is surrounded by leafy pisonay trees and palm trees. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful squares of the region. Huaro is located a few kilomteres from here where the ancient Inca wizards lived. There, there is a wonderful temple with murals by Tadeo Escalante, one of the last masters of Cusquenian school.
    Visit: everyday from 8:00 to 16:00


For the colonial temple, from 8:00 to 16:00 hours.