South Valley of Cusco

Valley of Cusco

South of the city of Cusco, the highland way, there is this stunning valley landscapes and archaeological sites memorable. Navigating the river Vilcanota (Urubamba River beginning) the valley south of Cusco looks picturesque villages and a warm nature of beauty.


This valley is located southeast of Cusco City, in the current route to the plateau of Collao (Puno).

important data:


Seasons Climate T min. (C) T max. (C) Humidity
Rayny Season (December - March) Rainy 7 23 60%
Dry Season (April - November) Dry 2 20 46%

The climate is very similar to the Cusco City, but with warmer temperatures in the lowlands.


Destination altitude (meters)
Tipon 3498
Piquillacta 3205
Andahuaylillas 3121
Raqchi 3488

The altitudes shown in the table are in meters above sea level (m.a.s.l.).


According to the latest report of the National Statistics Institute (INEI), the population of Cusco is as follows:

Destination Population
Andahuaylillas 5404


things to do:

Here are some suggestions about how to spend your time in South Valley of Cusco:

  • Visiting the archaeological site of Tipon, you can appreciate the Inca irrigation system.
  • Admire buildings over one story made of small stones in the archaeological park Piquillacta.
  • Enjoy the cuisine of South Valley, enjoy Saylla greaves.
  • Buy breads exquisite taste in the district of Oropesa.
  • Visit Andahuaylillas, to know the called Sistine Chapel of America, which houses paintings of the Cusco School.

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  • Archaeological Centers

    South of Cusco city, coming from the highlands, there are archaeological sites of different characteristics. One before the Incas, one with a distinct and unique building style and the third that impresses with its water distribution system, are forced point of his tour to understand the grandeur of the Inca empire.

  • Traditional Towns

    In this area there is  a traditional village which  house perhaps the most beautiful chapel in Latin America.Called the Sistine Chapel of America, the people who proudly welcomes dons its small but beautiful houses and old houses of the landowners of the colony.

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