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San Martin Square

It pays homage to the hero of Peruvian independence and stands out for its beautiful monument and its architectural charm.

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The Plaza San Martin is not in honor of a Christian saint, it was erected in honor of the liberator Don José de San Martin, who with a coalition of South American armies confronted and defeated the Spaniards.


It is located in the heart of downtown Lima, 700 meters southeast of the main square.


This beautiful Plaza expresses the greatness and solidity of independent Peru and for that reason, each element that composes it has a monumental aspect. With colorful gardens, bronze lanterns, marble benches, granite floor, four water fountains in the corners of the square and in the central space the monument to Don Jose de San Martin. Among the large buildings surrounding the square are: The Colon Theater, the Giacoletti building, the Bolivar Hotel, the Zela and Pumacahua portals and the Metro cinema, among other buildings that make it one of the most beautiful squares in Lima.


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