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Torre Tagle Palace

Architectural jewel with an impressive baroque and neoclassical façade that houses elegant halls and a rich colonial history.


This two-story building stands out for its carved wooden balconies, its baroque style oratory adorned with mirrors and colonial paintings, as well as for its carefully carved stone façade. It was erected by orders of the Marquis of Torre Tagle, who served as Treasurer of the Spanish Royal Navy. The materials used in its construction were brought from Spain and Central America. The final result was a mansion that became a symbol of Lima for its style, elegance and wealth. After several years of deterioration, it was restored between 1954 and 1956 by the Spanish architect Andrés Boyer.


It is located at Jiron Ucayali No. 363, in the historic center of Lima, two blocks southeast of the Plaza Mayor.



The façade of the Torre Tagle Palace is of Andalusian baroque style and shows porticoes and arches of carved stone and two artistic Moorish wooden balconies (carved in cedar and mahogany). About the architectural style of this house the architect Héctor Velarde Bergmann, specifies: The Andalusian, Moorish, Creole and even Asian contributions, are harmonized with incomparable charm. The exterior presents a remarkable and asymmetrical façade, a characteristic that gives it agility and harmony, with a carved façade, in stone in the first body and stucco in the second (it is the most charming Limean baroque), in whose upper part stands out the noble coat of arms of the Torre Tagle family in which the legend says: "Tagle was called the one who killed the serpent and married the Infanta.


The hallway leads to a first courtyard, with a spacious, wide, luminous entrance surrounded by elegant balustrades, arcades and Moorish style columns, conceived as the vital center of the whole architectural ensemble that gravitates towards it. The style is mainly Andalusian Baroque with obvious Mudejar influence on the two floors surrounding the central courtyard. The upper floor is reached by a spacious and opulent staircase whose entrance is notable for a stone doorway with tri-lobed arches that, like those of the upper floor, exhibit Andalusian Mudejar influence.


Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 13:00 hrs.
and from 15:00 to 17:00 hrs.

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