It is located at main square across from the cathedral.


The construction started on January 18th 1535, in fact, the same day that the Spanish conquerors founded Lima. However, there was a second construction in 1926 because more than one fire destroyed the original design. The second construction finished in 1938. It is located at Plaza de Armas (main square) of Lima which is also called Major square by Rimac river.

Government Palace of Peru



The palace has beautiful ceremonial rooms, some of them such as the Golden salon were constructed based on the existing Versalles palace in France. Most of its facilities were built with French style.

Tupac Amaru Salon:

In this room, the sculptures The four seasons are located by the Spanish artist Ramón Mateo Montesinos. They are valuable and sensual naked sculptures of girls with bronze cover. They are located in four niches in the salon which have plaster carvings in their upper part remaining Inca motives by the Peruvian artist Daniel Casafranca.

Jorge Basadre Salon:

In the Basadre Salon there are two carriages, a landau-type car and a saloon-type charriot, which were used to take the presidents to official ceremonies.

Golden Salon:

Its wide vault is supported by two pairs of jasper marble columns. Brocade panels, mirrors and four chandeliers in the Louis XIV style give an atmosphere of sumptuousness that adds to the plaster covered with gold leaf. This room is gimmicky because ceremonies are held here such as the swearing in of the members of the Council of Ministers of Peru or the imposition of the Order El Sol del Peru.

Mariano Santos Mateos salon:

Formerly called the Ambassadors salon, it is a room where the ambassadors show the president their credentials and are officially recognized. It is also scenario of meetings with presidents of other countries.

Peace salon:

This is a big dining room in the palace and is called like that because on October 30th in 1980, the peace treaty between El Salvador and Honduras was signed due to the intermediation of ex-president of Peru José Luis Bustamente y Rivero.

Presidential Residence:

This residence has a French style from the 18th century. There is a two story oval salon at the entrance which is made of worked bronze and is in the upper floor. Some important salons in the residence are: The white salon and the golden salon (this is the ceremonial center of the residence which is exclusively Luis XV furnished). The ample and simple presidential bedroom is upstairs. The windows face the back yard of the palace surrounded by a bar fence that unite the arms of the facade.


Opening Hours:
from 9:00 to 20:00 hrs.