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Archaeological Centers Inca Trail

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Around Machu Picchu a series of archaeological attractions spreads. These complemented in their functions, the proper functioning of Machu Picchu. Visit them, will clarify some small doubts about the functioning of Inca society.

Archaeological Complex of Q'ente

DESCRIPTION Starting from the eastern end of the complex, approximately at Km. 84 of the railroad line, there are 9 archaeological groups that spread up…

Archaeological Complex of Torontoy

DESCRIPTION The Toronto complex includes 7 archaeological groups and is in front of the Q'ente Complex, separated only by the Urubamba River, possibly they were…

Archaeological groups in Slopes and Summits

DESCRIPTION These groups are located immediately after the archaeological groups that comprise the archaeological complex of Q'ente on the route to Machu Picchu via the…

Archaeological Coastal Groups

DESCRIPTION Here we describe the archaeological groups that are located on the left bank of the Urubamba River between the slopes of the hills and…
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