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Archaeological Complex of Q'ente

Impressive testimony of Inca engineering that offers exceptional panoramic views and reveals the greatness of this ancient civilization.

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Starting from the eastern end of the complex, approximately at Km. 84 of the railroad line, there are 9 archaeological groups that spread up to Km. 90 of the same line.


The aforementioned archaeological groups are distributed in the first part of the Inca Trail, on the border of the Machu Picchu Historic Sanctuary.


We can find 9 archaeological sites:

T'ankarpata (place where T'ankar grows)

It is made up of short platforms of rustic structure; there are vestiges of rustic dwellings with a base of small, edged lithic stones.

Kiswarpata (where kiswar grows)

This group includes the archaeological units Leyonniyuc, Olleriayuc and Tunasmoqo, with rustic adobe constructions with a stone base.

Willkaraqay or Willkarakay (sacred shed)

It has more than 30 enclosures placed in singular symmetry; we find a semicircular tower in the westernmost part of the complex.

Kusichaka: “Kusichaca” (joyful bridge)

In this archaeological group, which covers both banks of the Kusichaka stream, we can highlight archaeological monuments, the bridge, semi-ruined terraces, tombs, aqueduct and roads.

Llactapata o Patallacta (village on a site)

It is more than one kilometer long. In this complex we can appreciate: flat terraces, straight roads, blocks of well laid out buildings, shrines, surveillance and communication points.

Farmhouse of the Hacienda area

Over the river we find the remains of an Inca bridge over which a new one was built. In front of the village there are ancient terraces as retaining walls.

Tarapata and the Carved Rock (where the Tara plant grows)

We found two enclosures associated with platforms. Next to a waterfall, at the base of the mountain and very close to ancient platforms, there is a rock carved with straight moldings.

Machu Q'ente (viejo colibrí)

Encontramos una sucesión de 10 terrazas con amplios terraplenes en el centro de estas terrazas podemos ver un conjunto de recintos, que los campesinos llaman Tiendachayuc.

WaynaQ'ente(picaflor joven)

It is next to Machu Q'ente separated only by a creek formed by a stream. We can find three groups of platforms, a mausoleum and small baths.

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