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Archaeological groups in Slopes and Summits

These archaeological groups reveal the greatness and the ancestral connection between nature and Inca architecture in this region.

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These groups are located immediately after the archaeological groups that comprise the archaeological complex of Q'ente on the route to Machu Picchu via the Inca Trail. Travelers will be able to appreciate them from the second day of trekking (on the Classic Inca Trail). In these archaeological groups can be seen, platforms, enclosures, shrines, aqueducts and much more.


They are located in the Urubamba basin, along the Inca trail.



This complex begins after passing the Kusichaka bridge, continuing along the Inca Trail along the route of the mountains from north to south. Throughout the complex we find archaeological groups with different types of archaeological remains such as: ancient enclosures, a short set of terraces and vestiges of an Inca canal.

Wayllabamba or Patawasi

Wayllabamba is a peasant community and Patawasi is the upper portion of the land. In this set we find incomplete walls and platforms, some rustic tombs and fragments of aqueducts.

Pauqarkancha and Inkaraqay

Possibly it was a tambo, from Wayllabamba walking along the creek upstream and after two kilometers we arrive at the junction of two streams that form the Wayllabamba, here is the community of Pauqarkancha. Half a kilometer up there is a group called Inkaraqay very peculiar and unique in its shape, it looks like a snail or a cone of circular ornaments that has walls and houses overlooking the creek and rectangular patios.

Inkasamana and Qollqa

Ascending from Inkaraqay through the ravine of the Qesqamayu stream that forms the Wayllabamba together with another stream, we advance approximately 800 meters and arrive at the Inkasamana site, which is a small archaeological group with vestiges of terraces, 5 km ahead we find another group that has two enclosures separated by a rectangular courtyard.


It is located in a spectacular prominence of land; it was a tambo, watch post and ritual station. From here you can see Warmiwañuska, it is a circular walled complex, it has a rectangular enclosure in front of it, after 30 minutes or 3 Km. away we arrive at the Runkuraqay pass. From here half a kilometer we find some scattered lagoons.


From the lagoons of Runkuraqay we advance 1 Km. and we find the archaeological group called Sayaqmarka, it is like a puzzle for its narrow streets and enclosures arranged in different planes, liturgical fountains, patios and canals.


Leaving Sayaqmarka, walking more or less 3 kilometers, we arrive to a tunnel of 20 meters drilled in the granite rock with staircases in its interior, Phuyupatamarka was a sector destined to the cult and dwelling of the nobles. We can find the following architectural samples: Four groups of houses with a total of fifteen buildings, six liturgical baths, staircases, three caves, water channels, canalizations, terraces and passages, three squares, the main door, a sacred rock and the royal road.

Wiñay Wayna

It is a compound Quechua word that means always young, the monument is located in the middle of the mountain, above Choquesuysuy. Here we distinguish: An urban sector with about twenty enclosures of amazing distribution, the group of the tower that occupies the upper portion of the whole set, the liturgical fountains located on the right side of the set, the sector of the platforms that could be called agricultural sector.


It is translated as site where the sun rests, is a huge set of platforms with several groupings of enclosures. It is on the same flank of the mountain that houses Wiñaywayna.

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