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Belén church

Religious treasure in Cusco, the oldest convent in the city, a reflection of devotion and colonial art in its imposing architecture.


Belen is the oldest convent in the city, dedicated to the seclusion of the mestizos, it was founded on April 30, 1550. The temple of, Belém with two towers, has a facade of marked plateresque flavor. It has a high and wide entrance door, with a semicircular arch and the doors typically nailed with bronze nails, like almost all the churches and mansions of the city. Above the entrance door opens a large span of light, with an arch that is also semicircular.

The three bodies of the facade are formed by Corinthian columns, niches, friezes, pediments, and other sober decorative elements.


The church of Belen is located in front of the square of the same name, by cab from the Plaza de Armas is 15 minutes. Walking from Ayacucho street from the historic center in a straight line to the church is about 15 minutes.


In this church is the Virgin of Bethlehem, better known as the patron saint of Cusco. It was donated by Spain together with the Señor de los Temblores, which is in the Cathedral, is one of the richest in jewels. Since it has the heaviest platforms for containing an abundant amount of silver that, in terms of pure art, are the most beautiful and finished of colonial metallurgy.

It has beautiful altarpieces, admirably restored and preserved. We can affirm that in the city, the temple has the best kept and wisely kept interiors. Its cleanliness is immaculate, its grandeur magnificent and its conservation admirable.

It is a work that is characterized by its stone construction. The church represents a Latin cross and has a single nave. Its facade is of mestizo baroque style. The front of the church with the two towers on each side, these towers house bell towers inside.


Admission only during mass hours, Monday to Sunday: mornings at 7:00 am and afternoons at 18:00 pm.

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