It is located in Plazoleta Belen, a little more than 1 km to the south-west of the main square of Cusco, in the district of Santiago. If you are in the historical center, it will be easy to reach, whether on foot or by car; there is also public transport that will leave you very near it.


Belen church was built in the Inca neighborhood called Ch'akillchaKa, to the west of the city of Cusco. This church, like many, suffered serious damage in the earthquake of 1650 and was subsequently rebuilt.

Bethlehem is the oldest convent in the city, dedicated to the gathering of the mestizas, was founded on April 30, 1550. Bethlehem Temple has two towers and a façade of a marked plateresque style. It has a high and wide entrance door, with a semicircular arch and the doors are typically studded with bronze nails, like almost all the churches and mansions of the city. Above the entrance door opens a long span of light, with an arc that is also semicircular. The three bodies of the facade are formed of Corinthian columns, niches, friezes, pediments and other sober decorative elements.

belen Church cusco


This church was formerly called “The Church of the Kings” and it was built in Kayaocachi neighborhood. This church received the picture of the virgin of “Our Lady of Bethlehem”, so it changed its name to the Church of Belen (or Bethlehem). It was one of the first churches to welcome indigenous devotees.


The patron saint of this church, Our Lady of Bethlehem, which was donated by Spain together with the Lord of the Earthquakes located in the Cathedral are some of the richest jewels that Cusco has, since they are the heaviest pieces because they contain a lot of silver and are the most beautiful and perfectly-finished pieces of colonial metallurgy.

The Church of Belen has beautiful altarpieces admirably restored and preserved. We can say that in the city, the temple has the best kept and wisely kept interiors. Its cleanliness is immaculate, its magnificent greatness and admirable preservation are striking.


Entry only during Mass times (8:00 a.m or 6:00 p.m, it can vary). No entry fee!