Mapa del Museo de Casa Concha

Casa Concha Museum is located on Santa Catalina Ancha Street 320, around 100 meters from Plaza de Armas of Cusco.


The Casa Cocha Museum is one of the most recent in Cusco. This beautiful place is remarkable for its picturesque balconies; it was the residence of Jose de Santiago Concha, remarkable aristocrat who lived during the early days of the conquest. One of his descendants, Pius Concha Martin, was the last Spanish governor of colonial Cusco in the nineteenth century. At present it belongs to and is managed by the San Antonio Abad University of Cusco and houses the archeological pieces found by Hiram Bingham in Machu Picchu, recently brought form the United Stated to Cusco during the years 2011 and 2012.

museo casa concha


The Casa Concha Museum houses 360 pieces of Machu Picchu returned by Yale University, which can be appreciated by the Cusqueñians and foreign visitors. They also show on pedestals and in showcases in 2 rooms of the second level the ceramic, lithic, metal pieces and bone remains that were found in the excavations made at Casa Concha and some of the Inca Museum´s assets.


Opening hours:
Monday through Saturday from 9:00a.m.- 5p.m.
Foreigner adults: S/. 20.00 National adults: S/. 10.00 Foreign students: S/. 10.00 National Students: S/. 5.00