Map of Palace of the Almirante

103 Cuesta del Almirante St.


The admiral's house, named for Spanish Admiral Francisco Alderete Maldonado, who ordered to build in the early seventeenth century, is one of the most impressive colonial buildings of the Cusco city. On the outside holds the Original Inca wall. The Renaissance façade, situated on a corner, is among the best in town. Rosettes flank the entrance of origin plateres que and fluted Corinthian columns. Above the door, two stone shields containing the noble guns and Alderete Maldonado.
Over the past centuries, this colonial home was occupied by several entities and personalities, was seat of the Archbishop, then ephemeral palace of the last viceroy of Peru, Government House of Marshal Santa Cruz under the Peruvian-Bolivian Confederation. Already in the twentieth century was acquired by the San Antonio Abad National University and finally destined to host the Inca Museum.

Palace of the Almirante Cusco


In the current Inka Museum you can see historical documents, collection of pre-Inca period: pottery of pre-Inca cultures of Cusco and the country, Inca textiles, agricultural tools and musical instruments Incas. Paintings and metal objects from the colonial period.