Map of House of the Marqués de Valleumbroso

It is located on Marques street.


After the Spanish invasion to the city of Cusco, they proceeded to the division of land, having matched the conquistador Pedro Luis de Cabrera what we know today as the mansion of the Marquis of Valleumbroso, who built using Inca stones.
Subsequently the property was acquired by the first Marquis of Valleumbroso, who built the main body and the arches of the first and second level consists of stone and brick pastry. The property belonged to the descendants of the Marquis until 1803 in which became the property of Canon Luis Beltrán Parellón.
In the early twentieth century, the house was purchased by Mr. Caesar Lomellini, who made a series of changes, but keeping the original structure and the existing artwork. In 1978 the Ministry of Education, takes the family mansion Lomellini for the current College of Fine Arts "Diego Quispe Tito" - Cusco.

cuzco house of the marqués de valleumbroso


Today you can still see the face that was given for the changes made in the nineteenth century. In addition, you can still see on the cover stone of the house the shield of the Marquis of Valleumbroso.


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