Map of Cabrera House

This house is located at the Nazarene square 231./p>


In Inca times, in the space now occupied by the Casa Cabrera, Amaru Cata was located in the Imperial City, a school or house of knowledge, which remains of original walls, can still be seen in the vestibule of the house.
In the distribution of land among the conquerors and site now occupied by the Casa Cabrera was assigned to Don Alonso Diaz, son of Governor Pedro Arias Davila. Ending the period of civil wars between the conquerors,was provided that in the solar founded a religious retreat house to house the orphaned daughters of conquerors killed in these battles.The following year he founded there the monastery of Santa Clara, the first of the new world.
In the seventeenth century the manor became the property of marriage consisting of Don Luis Jerónimo de Cabrera and La Cerda and Isabella Tordoya and Bazan. Cabrera was assistant mayor of the City Council, Justice and Regiment of Cusco in 1649.The coat of arms that now holds the front of the house belongs to the family Cabrera, giving the name under which it is now known to the house.
In 1981 the Continental Bank acquired the building and restoration work done to bring it in value, rescuing its architectural features.

Cabrera House Cusco


In 2002, the Continental Bank joined forces with the Larco Museum in Lima to open the doors of the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art - MAP, in June 2003.
Using a modern museology shows the most important collection of ceramics, gold and jewels of the ancient cultures of Peru, their teaching rooms can meet the 3,000 years of archaeological splendor of our country, including the selection of unique and famous erotic pieces of ancient Peru.


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