qasana ubicacion

Qasana was located in the area of that is now the main square and the streets Procuradores, Tecsecocha, Amargura, Saphi and Plateros.


Qasana is a Quechua word. It means "Frost Susceptibility place" or "where the ice falls." In Inca´s time this palace was extended from the bank of the river Saphy to the palace Qora Qora. Qasana palace facade faced the Wacaypata (currently Main Square), the adjoining neighborhood was the school's zone.

According to the historians, this palace was the Inca´s Pachacutec palace and residence of the Royal Lineage Iñapa Panaka Ayllu.
During the colony`s time this palace was chosen by Francisco Pizarro.


Nowadays you can see houses in colonial style in this place, which are mostly used for touristic trade. These colonial houses are still using Qasana`s palace original bases. This amazing residence was built for the greatest emperor of the Inca`s Civilization named Pachacutec.


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