Located at 117 Calle La Recoleta district Yanahuara Arequipa - Peru.


Housed in a former convent in the middle of the seventeenth century, which was linked to the Franciscan order, important for its cloisters, library and museum in his house several art collections. The various collections that this monastery houses are spread over several units of the building, including the pre-Columbian include the Moche, Chimu and Inca, the Amazon, with utensils and costumes of their tribes, religious art, with paintings and objects liturgical, and paintings of the Cuzco school and Italian. His library, which houses valuable copies in the fifteenth century, is considered one of the most important in Peru, in religious matters.

La Recoleta Convent


The Convent Has Distributed The Museum In The Following Areas:

Pre-Columbian Museum

Located opposite the Chapel of the funeral, on top of income is a painting of San Diego de Alcalá. His store showcases excellent examples of Cultures Chimu, Moche, Inca, and Chancay Churajón, of the latter are the most huacos. And variety of Wari textiles, Paracas, Inca, etc.

Amazon Museum

Two solid ashlar rooms contain an interesting collection of our wild fauna, bird, mammal, ophidian, arachnids, reptiles, butterflies and insects. Objects of everyday life of the tribes: Shipibo, ashaninga, Machiguenga and yagua Witotoans.

Museum of Religious Art

There is here representing religious art, miniature sculptures made of wax and stone or alabaster Huamanga and custodians, vessels, and vestments, elaborately embroidered with gold, silver and silk.

Superior cell and cell of the Novice

It is the most accurate reflection of the austerity of convent life. Here he spent several years of his life one of the glories of this house: Fray Mariano Bishop Holguin, first Archbishop of Arequipa.

The Library

The Current Local 1926. Its shelves contain about 20,000 volumes, many of them printed in the XVI, XVII and XVIII.


Monday to Saturday:
9:00 am to 12:00 pm.
3:00 hours to 5:00 hours.